To request a dog, send us a letter on department letterhead that details your department’s needs. That’s pretty much it! We try to keep paperwork to a minimum. You are welcome to call us if you have any questions (336) 578-8538. Leave a message (we’re probably out training) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We do our best to “build” a dog for every department. This means that we take each department’s needs into consideration and we make sure that the dog they get is one that meets their needs. For example, if a department already has narcotics dogs, they may want a school resource dog that only find guns and ammunition. Smaller departments may need a school resource dog that finds guns, ammunition, and drugs because they don’t already have a narcotics dogs.

Whatever your needs are, the best thing to do is call and talk to Mike at (336) 578-8538.