The Program
Canines for Kids, Inc. is a three-step program. The first step involves starting a dog and working with it to refine its skills, until it has a solid foundation of tracking knowledge with which to work. In addition to training the dog, this is the period of time during which we learn each dog’s unique body language, its personality, and its quirks.

The second step involves bringing in the officer who will be the dog’s handler and teaching him or her how to accurately read their dog. In addition, the handler is taught how weather, wind, and physical features such as hills, ridges, and buildings can affect blown scent. Once they have a thorough understanding of these factors (factors a dog does not take into consideration when following a scent trail) they are able to help their dog stay on a track even under the most difficult circumstances. Handlers are also schooled in the proper handling of scent evidence. (Scent evidence is invisible and is often mishandled or destroyed because it cannot be seen.)

The third step involves follow-up. We want the handlers we train to know that we are always available to assist them in working through any difficulties they might encounter with their dogs on a track.