We are currently training a trailing dog for Baytown, Texas
and another one for Luckey, Ohio. We are working on securing grant money
so that we can begin training and donating our first school resource dogs.

We try and keep up with our dogs after they leave us and
when we get updates, we put them on each dog’s page (see the graduates
page). One thing every handler tells us is that once word spreads that
they have a trailing dog, they are busier than they ever imagined they
could be, so sometimes it is hard to catch up with them so that we can
get updates.


Billie T–one special dog!

An era passed early in 2005 when our good friend Bill Tolhurst
passed away. In his lifetime, Bill wore many hats one of which was Chief
of the Niagara County (NY) Special Forces Unit. The other members of the
Special Forces Unit decided to keep the Unit going as a way of honoring
Bill. They were in need of some new blood in their canine division and
put the word out that they were looking for a Bloodhound pup. At the time,
Canines for Kids, Inc. just happened to have four very resilient pups
(they have a story all their own and by all rights should not have survived
their birth). We knew that one of these pups would be just perfect for
Niagara County, so we contacted them and offered to donate the pup as
our way of honoring Bill.

The pup was quickly named Billie T. She is now almost a
year and a half old and impressive beyond our wildest dreams. As you can
see, she already has her own badge! We know that Bill is watching and
guiding her, as he does with all of us.