Our Dogs
We use purebred dogs from reputable sources. We breed some of our dogs at our facility and we get others from a few select rescue organizations. We are pleased that we can take rescued dogs that have uncertain futures and give them jobs and purpose. Scooby with the New York City Police Department was a rescued dog. Mason with the Dracut, Massachusetts Police Department was rescued from Hurricane Katrina. These remarkable dogs are just two of the dogs that have come to us from rescues.

Some of our Bloodhounds and Labs come from Hound Ears Kennels in Albemarle, NC. (www.1-bloodhound-breeder.com)

We use and recommend Tri-Heart Plus monthly heartworm prevention by Schering-Plough Animal Health (www.triheartplus.com)

We use and recommend Hill’s Science Diet. (www.hillspet.com)

All of our dogs leave Canines for Kids, Inc. fully equipped. Their equipment includes a harness, collar, and leads of varying lengths. We also include a product called Tuf Pad that helps toughen and protect the dog’s feet. Tuf Pad was created by a friend of ours and can be purchased at www.wholesalekennel.com.

One of the most important pieces of equipment that we give each handler is an STU-100. The STU-100 is a self-contained, portable device that allows handlers to collect scent from any surface or item. The scent is stored on a sterile gauze pad and is then used to scent the dog. To read more about the STU-100 click on the following link: www.stu100.com.