We would like to thank everyone who has believed in us enough to invest their time
and/or money in our dream. There are some people we’d like to single out–they
have definitely gone above and beyond: Tina Alfano, who worked tirelessly trying
to raise money and awareness; our neighbors John and Kathy and their children,
and Paul, who are always there helping us fix/build/repair; our neighbors
Greg and Sissy, who care for Mike’s young son so that we are available
for midnight search calls and training at all hours; and Monty Williams
and his company, Point 2 Point Communications, Inc. (www.point2pointcomm.com)
who graciously donated the funds for us to have a roof built over many
of our kennels, thus saving us countless hours of snow and ice shoveling.
We’d also like to thank Jennifer, Lonnie, Marlin, and Ray for coming
out and training with us and laying trails for handlers-in-training; Duriel
for her fund-raising and training efforts; and Duriel’s children and our
own children for laying trails as well.

Thanks to Dr. Greg Jordan and the staff at Animal Hospital of Mebane for keeping our dogs healthy.

Thanks to Billie Mitchell director of Public Relations.
Thanks to PFC for putting this website together.